Dar es Salaam BRT Route
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This dataset contains the Bus Rapid Transit route (phase 1) of Dar es Salaam. The Dar Rapid Transit (DART) is a mass transit system that connects the suburbs to the central business district. This dataset was collected by the Ramani Huria team in year 2018. Note: the dataset of BRT stops is also downloadable from Climate Risk Database.

Creation Date
March 17, 2018, noon
Vector Data
BRT , Bus Rapid Transit , DART , public transportation
United Republic of Tanzania
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOTOSM)
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Maintenance Frequency
Frequency Of Maintenance For The Data Is Not Known
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This dataset was collected in order to help users of OSM tools (such as Maps.Me, OSM, etc.) to navigate the areas they can reach through public transportat…

Temporal Extent
Jan. 1, 2018, midnight - Jan. 1, 2019, midnight
Data Quality
This dataset was collected by Ramani Huria team in 2018. Edits and some updates have been done since, but the team recommends that the dataset should still be updated.
Supplemental Information

EPSG:4326 - WGS 84 - Geographic

Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description
id Identification number of the bus rapid transit lines
name Lists the name of the BRT line
network Lists the network that the BRT line runs in
operator Lists the operator of the BRT line
bus Explains if the network is used by buses or not
access Explains whether these networks can be accessed by other vehicles
highway Explains the use of the highway
lanes Shows the number of lanes in the BRT line
oneway Explains whether the BRT line is one way or not
surface Shows the surface of the BRT line

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